Stuffed Bread Roll

Stuffed Bread Roll

There is another Bread Roll Dish i.e. Stuffed Bread roll. Guys if you have bread in your home so you can make a variety of dishes with it. I am going to tell you an interesting and mouth-watering Stuffed Bread Roll filled with yummy cheese and sweet corn. You can prepare this dish for breakfast purpose or any occasion like Children’s┬áParty, Kitty Party, Get-together. It is very simple and prepared for 15-20 minutes. Just Follow these instructions

Ingredients For Preparing Stuffed Bread Roll

Take these ingredients
Bread Slice-3
Pizza spread or tomato sauce
Grated Cottage cheese
Chili Flakes
Black Pepper
Italian Seasoning
Sweet Corn
Salt to taste
Refined oil

How To Make Stuffed Bread Roll?

1-Take a bread slice and cut all the brown part.
2-Press the bread slice 2-3 times with the help of rolling pin or a glass.
3-Spread the pizza sauce on bread, if you don’t have pizza sauce you can spread tomato sauce.
4-Add grated cottage cheese, Chili Flakes, Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Sweet Corn one by one and last add Salt to taste.
5-Now carefully turn the bread slice with stuff into the roll form.
6-Take a frying pan, spread 1 teaspoon refined oil, heat it on medium flame.
7-Put the bread roll in frying pan one by one. Spread little oil on the upper side also.
8-When roll becomes light brown in color, turn its side for frying them both sides.
9-Your yummy stuffed bread roll is ready.


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