Shahi Toast Recipe

Shahi Toast With Condensed Milk Recipe

As the name implies, these pieces sound royal. Shahi Toast Recipe is everyone’s favorite and popular dessert. This Dessert is very simple easy and gets prepared in less time. Bring the pieces of bread and take a deep-fried in a desi ghee, soak it in syrup, then decorate it with rabdi, pistachios and cardamom. It can bring the water to someone’s mouth. So this Diwali comes from the Nawabi civilization and send this piece and write your opinion …

Ingredients For Making Shahi Toast

Ingredients For 16 pieces
4 slices of bread
Pistachios 8-10
Frequency of Saffron 10-12
Green Cardamom 4
Desi Ghee
For the syrup:
Sugar 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Condensed milk/Rabdi
Milk ½ liter / 2 cups

Method Of Making Shahi Toast

Cut the bread twice the triangle, so that 4 triangular pieces come out of a loaf.
Now, heat a non-stick fry pan, make a toast by cutting the pieces of bread on both sides. This process takes 2 to 3 minutes.
Bread Baskets
Remove the outer skin of the green cardamom and break the granules.
Cut the pistachios finely.
Boil the milk, slow down the heat after boiling, then thicken the milk a little. Milk takes about 20-25 minutes to thicken. Do not forget to use milk in the middle. When the milk thickens, close the fry and allow the milk to cool.
Boil one cup of sweet in a bowl and a cup of water. After the sugar melts and after a boil, slow down the flame and let the syrup cook. For this dessert, we need a teaspoon of syrup. It takes 7 to 8 minutes.
Sugared Sugar Milk
Now, heat the ghee in a saucepan. Fry the bread loaf over medium heat on both sides. It takes about 30 seconds to process. Remove the pieces of fried bread from kitchen paper.
Now all the preparations have been made.
Fried bread
At the time of delivery, put the pieces of bread in the syrup, for about 30 seconds. Remove the pieces from the syrup and decorate them on the serving plate. Add the condensed milk/rabdi to the first spoon and saffron and cut the pistachios in it.
Delicious real pieces are ready for your real guests …

Some Tips / Suggestions

The bread was compressed in the fryer so that it could be quickly fried and the ghee reduced during frying.

Do not soak loaf bread in syrup. In doing so, the races of bread and the royal bread are not preserved.

Do not roast the bread very often, it burns very quickly.

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